Since our formation, we at Childreach International have been fortunate to have worked with thousands of student fundraisers. Our supporters never cease to amaze us with their dedication, ideas and ingenuity—and we take every step to ensure they are thoroughly supported every step of the way.

We partner with colleges and sixth forms to offer a learning experience above and beyond the day to day curriculum. From the moment a student asks to get involved with Childreach International, we will teach them about our work as a charity and how their efforts are helping, we will educate them on the skill of fundraising and event management, and we will aim to connect them as closely as possible to our cause. If they travel to Tanzania, India, Nepal or Morocco, they will even get to visit one of our projects so that they can see some of their impact first-hand.

What about safety?! We partner with a fantastic tour operator named Rare Adventures (a social enterprise which takes no profit from publicly raised funds) who organise every last detail of the trip’s logistics. They go above and beyond to ensure each expedition is not only incredible but extremely safe too.


We know what you’re thinking… what do you, as a parent or guardian, have to do along the way?! The answer: as much or little as you want. We’d love to meet you at an information meeting right at the beginning, where we will break down what happens in even more detail. After that, it would be great for you to stay connected with our charity and to help the student with their preparation – but we’re on hand regardless to make sure they get the best support possible.

If you think your child’s school should get involved, or have any further questions about the experience, feel free to drop Dan an email at or give him a call on 02031375500.